Heightened heart rate but similar flight responses to evolved versus recent predators in an Arctic seabird

Authors: Geldart, E., Love, O.P., Gilchrist, H.G., Barnas, A., Harris, C., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2023   Avian Conservation and Ecology 18: 22-38
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A colonial-nesting seabird shows limited heart rate responses to natural variation in threats of polar bears

Authors: Geldart, E., Love, O.P., Gilchrist, H.G., Barnas, A., *Harris, C., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2023   Royal Society Open Science 10:221108
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Agent decision-making: The Elephant in the Room-Enabling the justification of decision model fit in social-ecological models

Authors: Wijermans, N., Scholz, G., Chappin, É., Heppenstall, A., Filatova, T., Polhill, J. G., Semeniuk, C.A.D., & Stöppler, F.
2023   Environmental Modelling & Software 105850
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Investing in monarch conservation: understanding private funding dynamics

Authors: 12. Solis-Sosa, R., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Larrivée, M., & Cox, S.
2022   Frontiers in Conservation Science 3:903132
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Personality in hatchery Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) is associated with growth but not metabolic rate or performance

Authors: Church, K.D.W., Nguyen-Dang, L., Neff, B.D., Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2022   Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

The utility of drones for studying polar bear behaviour in the Canadian Arctic: opportunities and recommendations

Authors: Jagielski, P.M., Barnas, A., Gilchrist, H.G., Richardson, E., Love, O.P., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2022   Drone Systems and Applications 10:97-110
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Bear Presence attracts avian predators but does not impact lesser snow goose nest attendance

Authors: Barnas, A.F., Darby, B.J., Iles, D.T., Koons, D.N., Rockwell, R.F., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Ellis-Felege, S.N.
2022   Journal of Avian Biology 3:e02840
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Conspecific nest attendance behaviours of common eiders (Somateria mollissima) in response to polar bear (Ursus maritimus) foraging activity: error or intent?

Authors: Simone, C., Geldart, E., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Love, O.P., Gilchrist, H.G., and Barnas. A.F.
2022   Canadian Field Naturalists 136: 247-253

Technoscience and the modernization of freshwater fisheries assessment and management

Authors: Cooke, S.J., Docker, M.F., Mandrak, N.E., Young, N., Heath, D.D., Jeffries, K.M. Howarth, A., Brownscombe, J.W., Livernois, J., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Venturelli, P.A., Danylchuk, A.J., Lennox, R.J., Jarić, I., Fisk, A.T., Vandergoot, C.S., Britton, J.R., Muir, A.M.
2022   Environmental Technology & Innovation 28:102865
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Innovating transcriptomics for practitioners in freshwater fish management and conservation: best practices across diverse resource-sector users

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., Jeffries, K.M., Li, T., Bettles, C.M., Cooke, S.J., Dufour, B., Halfyard, E., Heath, J.W., Keeshig, K., Mandrak, N.E., Muir, A., Postma, L., Heath, D.D.
2022   Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 32: 921-939
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Predatory cue use in flush responses of a colonial nesting seabird during polar bear foraging

Authors: Barnas, A.F., Geldart, E.A., Love, O., Jagielski, P.M., Harris, C., Gilchrist, G., Hennin, H.L., Richardson, E.S., Dey, C.J., Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2022   Animal Behaviour 193: 75-90
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A colonial-nesting seabird shows no heart-rate response to drone-based population surveys

Authors: Geldart, E., Barnas, A., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Gilchrist, H.G., Harris, C., and Love, O.P.
2022   Scientific Reports 12:1-110
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A Landscape-Level Assessment of Restoration Resource Allocation for the Eastern Monarch Butterfly

Authors: Solis-Sosa, R., Mooers, A. Ø., Larrivée, M., Cox, S., Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2021   Frontiers in Environmental Science 9:147
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Polar bear foraging on common eider eggs: Estimating the energetic consequences of a climate-mediated behavioural shift

Authors: Jagielski , P.M., Dey , C.J., Gilchrist, H.G., Richardson, E.S.,  Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2021   Animal Behaviour 171:63-75
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Polar bears are inefficient predators of seabird eggs

Authors: Jagielski , P.M., Dey , C.J., Gilchrist, H.G., Richardson, E.S., Love, O.P., Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2021   Royal Society Open Science
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Changes in the distribution of nesting Arctic seaducks are not strongly related to variation in polar bear presence

Authors: Dey, C. J., Semeniuk, C. A. D., Iverson, S. A., Gilchrist, H. G.
2020   Arctic Science 6 (2) 114-123
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Exposure to exogenous egg cortisol does not rescue juvenile Chinook salmon body size, condition or survival from the effects of elevated water temperatures

Authors: Warriner, T. R., Semeniuk, C. A. D., Pitcher, T. E., Love, O. P.
2020   Ecology and Evolution 10(5) 2466-2477
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Bridging Levels from Individuals to Communities and Ecosystems

Authors: Railsback, S. F., Berger, U., Giske, J., Hagstrom, G. I., Harvey, B. C., Semeniuk, C.A.D., & Grimm, V.
2020   Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 101 1-10
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Knowledge co-production: A pathway to effective fisheries management, conservation, and governance

Authors: Cooke, S.J., Nguyen, V.M., Chapman, J.M., Reid, A.J., Landsman, S.J., Young, N., Hinch, S.G., Schott, S., Mandrak, N., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2020   Fisheries
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Rearing conditions differentially affect behavioural phenotypes of male ‘jack’ and ‘hooknose’ chinook salmon and their sisters in both fresh and salt water

Authors: Church, K.D., Janisse, K., Nguyen-Dang, L., Heath, J.W., Heath, D.D., & Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2020   Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

The role of conservation physiology in mitigating social-ecological traps in wildlife-provisioning tourism: a case study of feeding stingrays in the Cayman Islands. In: Conservation Physiology: Applications for Wildlife Conservation and Management

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D. Edited by Madliger, C.L., Franklin, C.E., Love, O.P., and Cooke, S.J.
2020   Oxford University Press.

Mimicking transgenerational signals of future stress: thermal tolerance of juvenile chinook salmon is more sensitive to elevated rearing temperature than exogenously increased egg cortisol

Authors: Warriner, T.R., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Pitcher, T.E., Heath, D.D., Love, O.P.
2020   Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8:368
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Domestic-wild hybridization to improve aquaculture performance in Chinook salmon

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., Capelle, P.M., Dender, M.G.E., Devlin, R.H., Dixon, B., Drown, J., Heath, J.W., Hepburn, R., Higgs, D.M., Janisse, K., Lehnert, S.J., Love, O.P., Mayrand, J., Mickle, M., Pitcher, T.E., Neff, B., Semple, S.L., Smith, J.L., Toews, S., Venney, C., Wellband, K., and Heath, D.D.
2019   Aquaculture 511: 734255
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The effects of variation in acclimation- and growth-maximizing behavioural types of outcrossed Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) on growth and survival in captivity

Authors: Mayrand, J.L., Heath, D.D., Heath, J.W., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2019   Applied Animal Behaviour Science 216: 52-62

Life in captivity: varied behavioural responses to novel setting and food types in first-generation hybrids of farmed and wild juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

Authors: Janisse, K., Capelle, P.M., Heath, J.W., Dender, M.G., Heath, D.D., Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2019   Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (in press)

Monarch butterfly conservation through the social lens: eliciting public preferences for management strategies across transboundary nations

Authors: Solis-Sosa, R., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Fernandez-Lozada, S., Dabrowska, K., Cox, S., Haider, W.
2019   Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7
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Validating fin tissue as a non-lethal proxy to liver and muscle tissue for stable isotope analysis of yellow perch (Perca flavescens)

Authors: McCloskey, M., Yurkowski, D.J., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2018   Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 54: 196-208

Phenotypic integration of behavioural and physiological traits is related to variation in growth among stocks of Chinook salmon

Authors: Dender, M.G., Capelle, P.M., Love, O.P., Heath, D.D., Heath, J.W., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2018   Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 75: 2271-2279

Forecasting the outcome of multiple effects of climate change on northern common eiders

Authors: Dey, C.J., Semeniuk, C.A., Iverson, S.A., Richardson, E., McGeachy, D., and Gilchrist, H.G.
2018   Biological Conservation 220: 94-103

Adaptive phenotypic integration benefits a key performance trait in salmonid aquaculture

Authors: Dender, M.G.E., Capelle, P.M., Love O.P., Heath, D.D., Heath, J.W., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2018   Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (in press)

Prenatal stress differentially affects performance and survival across life-history stages depending on the postnatal environment

Authors: Capelle, P.M., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Sopinka, N.M., Heath, J.W., and Love, O.P.
2018   Functional Ecology (in revision)


Increasing nest predation will be insufficient to maintain polar bear body condition in the face of sea-ice loss

Authors: Dey, C.J., Richardson, E., McGeachy, D., Iverson, S.A.. Gilchrist, H.G., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2017   Global Change Biology 23: 1821-1831

Glucocorticoids in fish eggs: variation, interactions with the environment, and the potential to shape offspring fitness

Authors: Sopinka, N.M, Capelle, P.M., Semeniuk, C.A.D., and Love, O.P.
2017   Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 90: 15-33
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The effects of paternal reproductive tactic and rearing environment on juvenile variation in growth as mediated through aggression and foraging behaviours of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

Authors: Forest, A.R., Dender, M.G.E., Pitcher, T.E., and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2017   Ethology 123: 329-341
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Redder isn’t always better: cost of carotenoids in Chinook salmon eggs

Authors: Lehnert, S.J., Devlin, R.H., Pitcher, T.E., Semeniuk, C.A.D., and Heath, D.D.
2017   Behavioural Ecology 28: 549-555
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Differential female preference for individual components of a reproductive male round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) pheromone

Authors: Farwell, M., Hughes, G., Smith, J.L., Clelland, E., Loeb, S.J., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Scott, A.P., Li, W., and Zielinski, B.
2017   Journal of Great Lakes Research 43: 379-386

Energetic behavioural-strategy prioritization of clark’s nutcrackers in whitebark pine communities: An agent-based modeling approach

Authors: McLane, A.J., Semeniuk, C.A.D., McDermid, G.J., Tomback, D.F., Lorenz, T., and Marceau, D.
2017   Ecological Modelling 354: 123-139
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Additive and non-additive genetic components of the jack male life history in Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytshca)

Authors: Forest, A.R., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Heath, D.D., and T.E. Pitcher
2016   Genetica 144: 477-485
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Latitudinal variation in ecological opportunity and intra-specific competition indicates differences in niche variability and diet specialization of Arctic marine predators

Authors: Yurkowski, D.J, Ferguson, S., Choy, E., Loseto, L., Brown, T., Muir, D., Semeniuk, C.A.D., and A. Fisk
2016   Ecology and Evolution 6: 1666-1678
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Prenatal stress exposure generates higher early survival and smaller size without impacting developmental rate in a Pacific salmon

Authors: Capelle, P.M., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Sopinka, N.M., Heath, J.W., and Love, O.P.
2016   Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological and Integrative Physiology 325: 641-650

Spatial and temporal variation of an ice-adapted predator’s feeding ecology in a changing Arctic marine ecosystem

Authors: Yurkowski, D.J., Ferguson, S.H., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Brown, T.M., Muir, D.C.G., and Fisk, A.T.
2016   Oecologia 180: 631-644

Influence of sea ice phenology on the movement ecology of ringed seals across their latitudinal range

Authors: Yurkowski, D.J., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Harwood, L.A., Rosing-Asvid, A., Dietz, R., Brown, T.M., Clackett, S., Grgicak-Mannion, A., Fisk, A.T., and Ferguson, S.H.
2016   Marine Ecology Progress Series 562: 237-250
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Behaviour of Perch

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., Magnhagen, C., and Pyle, G.
2015   Biology of Perch, CRC Press Chapter 9: 230-250

Reported off-leash frequency and perception of risk for gastrointestinal parasitism are not associated in owners of urban park-attending dogs: A multifactorial investigation

Authors: Smith, A.F., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Rock, M.J., Massolo, A.
2015   Preventive Veterinary Medicine 120: 336-348
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Effects of lipid extraction and the utility of lipid normalization models on δ13C and δ15N values in Arctic marine mammal tissues

Authors: Yurkowski, D. J., Hussey, N. E., Semeniuk, C., Ferguson, S. H., and Fisk, A. T.
2015   Polar Biology 38: 131-143
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Assessing baseline stress physiology as an integrator of environment quality in a wild avian population: implications for use as a conservation biomarker

Authors: Madliger, C.L., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Harris, C.M., and Love, O.P.
2015   Biological Conservation 192: 409-417


Evidence for baseline glucocorticoids as mediators of reproductive investment in a wild bird

Authors: Love, O.P., Madliger, C.L., Bourgeon, S., Semeniuk, C.A.D., and Williams, T.D.
2014   General and Comparative Endocrinology 199: 65-69
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Identifying non-independent anthropogenic risks using a behavioral individual-based model

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., Musiani, M., Birkigt, D.A., Hebblewhite, M., Grindal, S., and Marceau, D.J.
2014   Ecological Complexity 17 67-78
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Spatial and temporal variation of an ice-adapted predator’s feeding ecology in a changing Arctic marine ecosystem

Authors: Yurkowski, D. J., Ferguson, S. H., Semeniuk, C. A. D., Brown, T. M., Muir, D. C., and Fisk, A. T.
2014   Oecologia 1-14

Dog-walking behaviours affect gastrointestinal parasitism in park-attending dogs

Authors: Smith, A. F., Semeniuk, C. A. D., Kutz, S. J., and Massolo, A.
2014   Parasites & vectors 7: 1-10
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Heterogeneity among rural resident attitudes toward wolves

Authors: Sponarski, C.C., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Glikman, J.A., Bath, A.J., and Musiani, M.
2013   Human Dimensions of Wildlife 18 239-248


Evaluating risk effects of industrial features on woodland caribou habitat selection in west central Alberta using agent-based modelling

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., M. Musiani, M. Hebblewhite, S. Grindal, D.J. Marceau.
2012   Procedia Environmental Sciences 13 698-714
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Incorporating behavioural-ecological strategies in pattern-oriented modelling of caribou habitat use in a highly industrialized landscape

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., M. Musiani, M. Hebblewhite, S. Grindal, and D. J. Marceau.
2012   Ecological Modelling 243 18-32
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Human activity helps prey win the predator-prey space race

Authors: Muhly, T.B., Semeniuk, C.A.D., Massolo, A., Hickman. L., and M. Musiani.
2011   PLoS ONE 6(3) e17050.
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The role of agent-based models in wildlife ecology and management: The importance of accommodating individual habitat-selection behaviours and spatially explicit movement for conservation planning

Authors: McClane, A.J., Semeniuk, C.A.D.* and D. Marceau.
2011   Ecological Modelling 222 1544-1556
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A linked model of animal ecology and human behaviour for the management of wildlife tourism

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., Haider, W., Cooper, A. and K.D. Rothley.
2010   Ecological Modelling 221 2699-2713
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Pre-laying climatic cues can time reproduction to optimally match offspring hatching and ice conditions in an Arctic marine bird

Authors: Love, O.P., Glichrist, H.G., Descamps, S., Semeniuk, C.A.D., and Bety, J.
2010   Oecologica 164 277-286
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Hematological differences in stingrays between tourist and non-visited sites suggest physiological costs of wildlife tourism

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., Bourgeon, S., Smith, S. and K.D. Rothley.
2009   Biological Conservation 142 1818-1829.
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Costs of group-living for a normally solitary forager: effects of provisioning tourism on Southern stingrays Dasyatis americana

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D. and Rothley, K.D.
2008   Marine Ecology Progress Series 357 271–282.
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A multi-attribute trade-off approach for advancing the management of marine wildlife tourism: a quantitative assessment of heterogeneous visitor preferences

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., Haider, W., Beardmore, B. and Rothley, K.D.
2008   Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 19 194-208
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Using fatty acid profile analysis as an ecological indicator in the management of tourist impacts on marine wildlife: a case of stingray-feeding in the Caribbean

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D., Speers-Roesch, B. and Rothley, K.D.
2007   Environmental Management 40 665-677
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Anti-predator benefits associated with mixed-species grouping of cowtail (Pastinachus sephen) and whipray (Himantura uarnak) stingrays

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D. and Dill, L.M.
2006   Ethology 112 33-43
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Cost/benefit analysis of group and solitary resting in the cowtail stingray, Pastinachus sephen

Authors: Semeniuk, C.A.D. and Dill, L.M.
2005   Behavioral Ecology 16 417-426.
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Parent-offspring conflict in the evolution of vertebrate reproductive mode

Authors: Crespi, B.J. and Semeniuk, C.A.D.
2004   American Naturalist 163 635-653
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An Australian Pelican Pelicanus conspicillatus benefits from the beating behaviour of a Pied Cormorant Phalacrocorax varius

Authors: Love O.P. and Semeniuk C.A.D.
2002   Corella 26: 27-30.
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