3 Minute Thesis finals

Honours thesis students at Ontario Biology Day

We are so proud of Nadeen, JP, and Maya who represented the Semeniuk lab, and the University of Windsor, so well at Ontario Biology Day at Ryerson University.

A special congratulations to Nadeen who won top presentation in the ecology division!

Mitch’s 3 minute thesis — “Farming super salmon for supper”

Mitch is competing in the 3 minute thesis competition this Thursday, March 24th at 3PM. Come out to the Katzman Lounge in Vanier Hall to hear his thrilling talk “Farming super salmon for supper”. The lab will be there cheering you on Mitch!

Meagan’s defense — Friday Jan 22, 2016

Meagan will be defending her thesis, The determination of behavioural plasticity in Yellow Perch, Perca flavescens, this Friday, January 22, at 9:00 AM in the GLIER conference room. She is the first Semeniuk lab defense! All are welcome to attend her presentation.

WATER@WAYNE speaker series


Lab seining days

Sept 28, 2015

Last Monday and Tuesday, Lida needed a few more hands on deck to collect the invasion front gobies in her last two rivers. Luckily, the lab, and even the Love lab, stepped up. Natalie, Mitch, Meagan, Oliver, Tina, Lida and Kevyn managed to collect the last of Lida’s samples, right as the water was cooling off for fall. Everyone had a great time. Good job Lida!

Lida goes goby hunting again

September 3, 2015

Lida & Kev seining Sarnia

Lida arrived back from the field with Kevyn and Pauline, goby samples in hand. We ended up finding Lida’s last invasion front in the back-up of the back-up river. Highlight of the trip: pulling up a 31 gram goby at the invasion front!

Pauline and Sean stress-out salmon parr

July 2015

Pauline conducted the bulk of her behaviour experiments out at YIAL on her now sizeable Chinook salmon parr. Her list of near-impossible tasks included creating optimal and poor microhabitats in mini-spawning channels, creating life-like kingfisher predators, and troubleshooting in-stream antenna arrays. Sean, her invaluable field assistant, was there to help her for the month of July, and learned pit-tagging and blood sampling techniques.

Searching for the Round goby invasion front in Huron and Bruce Counties

August 20, 2015

DSCN7530 DSCN7558DSCN7495

Lida, Kevyn and Jessica headed north for 5 long days of field work searching for Round gobies in the Maitland and Saugeen rivers. Plenty of gobies were found, working in some very creative field set-ups and mastering the art of floating gear through the water. Stay tuned as Lida explores more rivers with her labmates!

Jessica and Mitch scare some Chinook salmon at YIAL


June 10, 2015

IMG_0497 Mitch with video apparatus

Mitch and Jessica headed out to YIAL (Yellow Island Aquaculture Limited) for May and June to collect their final data for their Masters’ projects. This involved daily video taping using 12ft tall Mitch-designed contraptions, blood sampling, and an enormous leopard seal-orca hybrid predator. A special thanks to all the SPG collaborators that are involved with the large project, and of course, John Heath and Anne Heath and all the YIAL staff!